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father and son portrait, baby, man, oil on canvas, father and son painting, child, baby, babe, oil painting, Austin artist

Portrait title:
Joseph & the Babe

(Oil on Canvas)

Portrait title:
(Pastel on Paper)

portrait, girl, child, boy, girl painting, photorealistic, pastel, paper, Austin artist

Portrait & other fine art commissions accepted.  Notice the wide variety of styles available.
Price varies according to size, number of people, amount of detail
(including background), style, & medium.

portrait, man, photorealistic, fine art, father, grandfather, painting, oil on canvas, Austin artist

Portrait title:
Johnny Jones
-portrait commissioned by
The Whitley Company



Portrait title:
Sheralyn & Lydia,
mother & daughter
(Oil on Canvas


 fine art, mother, daughter, portriat, oil, canvas, Austin artist

man, father, grandfather, portrait, painting, fine art, furniture, casual pose, acrylic on canvas, Austin artist

Portrait title
Dr. Culbert G. Rutenter
commissioned portrait -
(Acrylic on Canvas)

Portrait title:
-commissioned portrait-
(Oil on Canvas


Daddy's Boots.  Pastel portrait commissioned as Christmas gift from daughter to father.

Portrait title:
Daddy's Boots

-commissioned portrait-
(Pastel on Paper)


Portrait title:
Barbara White

-commissioned portrait - On display in the Travis County Courthouse
(Oil on Canvas)

Barbara White.  Commissioned painting that hangs in Travis County courthouse.  Acrylic and Oil on canvas.

Portrait title: Volma Overton: Civil Rights Leader & Friend
(Oil on canvas)

Portrait title:
Gary Bledsoe
Austin Attorney &
President of Texas NAACP

Texas wildflowers.  Commissioned painting.  The colorful pillow sham on which the flower vase rests is in the client's bedroom.


Image title
Texas Wildflowers

- commissioned painting-
Acrylic & Oil on Canvas

Pastels on Conte Paper